"Carrorism is a positive 

  psychology practice."

- Nasreen Ameri


The lawful use of kindness and love for oneself and others; in pursuit of the optimum welfare for all living things. 

The Carrorist Mindset is a positive psychology practice created by Nasreen Ameri. 

Her mindset helps heal, reduce, and eliminate, the impact of terrorizing language i.e verbal harassment, bullying, and abuse. 

Ameri's positive psychology practice empowers your self-efficacy with healthy words.

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The Carrorists

Nasreen Ameri

Fondè Bridges


"Carrorize yourself brilliantly today!"

Founder & President


  “As I created Carrorism, my life philosophy and mindset, I discovered practical applications for a positive psychology. A carrorist mindset is when one kindly and lovingly follows their heart, using healthy words & hero consciousness to collaborate with themselves, others and nature for the optimum benefit of all. Whether you choose to apply a carrorist mindset to your life or not, may you always follow your heart and benefit from practicing positive psychology!”

  “I love sharing carrorism with the world! I have been a creative writing consultant in schools for over 25 years. I created healthy words to provide school age children with vocabulary to manifest their best outcomes. Healthy words are positive, beneficial, and nutritious vocabulary words that are a significant part of any positive psychology pratice. Carrorism is the kind of healthy word we all benefit from. Apply the carrorist mindset and enjoy becoming the best version of yourself!" 

Carrorist Services

Discover secrets and strategies to use the carrorist mindset to heal, reduce and eliminate the impact of terrorizing language while boosting your psycholigical immune systems.  Carrorize yourself and your community with one of our services. 

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